Hire a house cleaning company in Cape Town while you are on holiday

Preparing for a holiday is always tough as you need to take care of a lot of tasks so that you won’t miss anything that can ruin your holiday. You need to have all your clothes packed, clean up all the dishes and by the time you finish with all your packing and stuff and look around your home, it could really be in a mess. But no need to worry about all the mess, you can certainly hire a professional house cleaning company that can clean your home and keep it sparkling when you are enjoying your time in a holiday.


You will almost certainly be extremely tired when returning from a holiday and the last thing you need is to start cleaning the house the minute you enter. Imagine the thought of having to cleaning out expired fruits and vegetables in the kitchen, or having to clean up all the clothes spread throughout the house, etc. But, if you hire a domestic cleaning service, they will take care of everything. Getting your house cleaned and allowing you the chance to recover fully once you’ve returned.


Keeping regular cleaning appointments from your maid to visit your home from time to time will not only ensure that your house is always kept clean, but, you can have them water the plants or feed your pets too. A good domestic cleaning service also makes sure to check all your timer switches are working properly and will also keep an eye on the doors, windows and overall safety of your property.


Having a maid visiting your house regularly for cleaning appointments will also deter any local thieves and criminals who are always on the lookout for an empty home to ransack while the owners are away. One of the main indications that these criminals lookout for is seeing if letters haven’t been removed from your mailbox, plants that haven’t been watered, and even curtains that are closed all the time. So, a maid service would certainly come in handy and do everything to make it look like someone is still in the home.


Before leaving for your holiday, make sure to book your appointment with your domestic cleaning service to have a maid or some professional cleaning personnel take care of your house regularly. A professional cleaning service will send trained staff to visit your house after confirming all the requirements and specifications you need for a cleaner, and only after understanding the requirements, they will provide a quote and once the payment is done, a dedicated cleaner will be appointed specifically to your home when you are away on a holiday. Some of the standard services a domestic cleaning service may offer include sanitizing the kitchen, cleaning or vacuuming the entire house, dusting and also ironing your clothes if needed.


So, whenever you go on holiday, it is always a good idea to hire a maid or home cleaning services to have your house looked after while you have fun, enjoying your holiday without having to stress about your home.

Top Weekend Getaways in Johannesburg

All of us need a break every now and then to unwind from the hustle and bustle of Jozi life, freshen up, and spend some quality time with friends and family, which is normally not possible in our busy day to day routines. Which is why a weekend getaway could be the perfect thing you need to recharge your batteries. Johannesburg is hectic… with all the traffic, work and shopping. So, when the weekend comes you definitely need to call a TIME OUT!


Below we’ve listed some awesome getaways in and around Johannesburg that are perfect for a short break and quick weekend holiday. All the listings below are carefully selected to provide a variety of experiences to refresh yourselves and get you ready to once again, take on the world in the coming weeks.


Bird’s Haven Guesthouse, Parys


Situated in Parys, and approximately 130km’s from Joburg, Bird’s Haven is an ideal getaway for busy 9-5ers.

This beautiful, vintage styled cottage provides a calming and serene experience, perfect for those who desperately need to get away from it all.

For an extremely affordable rate, you get access to a two-bedroom cottage and private garden, where you can spend the early mornings sipping on hot coffee and taking in the sounds of the local wildlife. And yes, the coffee is included. Bird’s Haven provides you with all needed amenities, hot water, warm blankets, fresh towels, coffee, rusks and even milk in the fridge.

You can even bring your beloved pets too, just make sure you book well in advance as they do tend to get fully booked often.


Botshabelo Guest House and Farmyard, Groot Marico


People who love outdoors and adventure can check out the Botshabelo Guest House and Farmyard.

A great place for bird watching and fishing. As well as several other activities including hiking, swimming and even water skiing in the Marico Bushvel Dam. Which is not too far from the guest house. Kids can also have fun with mountain biking, and every suite has its own private veranda and a fully equipped kitchen.


Cheerio Trout Fishing & Holiday Resort, Magoebaskloof



Looking for an affordable weekend getaway with your family in a peaceful holiday resort? Then you should definitely consider visiting the Cheerio Trout Fishing and Holiday Resort. Cheerio provides all the needed facilities for enthusiasts to spend their time enjoying the days fishing while the kids can take part in carious fun games and activities within the resort.


Kingfisher Lodge, Waterberg


Kingfisher Lodge is just 3 hours from the city of Joburg and is built right on the edge of the Palala river. So close that you can hear the water gushing through the river. Every lodge comes with a 3 bedroom farmhouse with a cozy fireplace. You can check out the various scenic locations and even spend time game-watching with a healthy population of wildebeest and giraffe that live in the 300 hectare reserve. A great place to unwind amidst the beautiful Waterberg hills.


Lindani, Waterberg


Lindani is another great place to check in Waterberg, situated just 275 kilometers from Johannesburg. This sleeper cottage can easily accommodate up to 18 people so it’s a great venue to visit with the whole family and some friends. While you relax, the kids can have fun with outdoor activities including hiking trails and cycling around the area.